X-Ray Food Inspection Services

The nondestructive inspection of food products uses real time conveyorized x-ray systems to detect foreign objects within packaged food products.  If foreign objects are detected, X-R-I Testing’s X-Ray Rental and Inspection Service may be the ideal way to reclaim a major portion of contaminated food lots.  Our IntraSpec x-ray inspection systems can be used for inspection of your product, either at your plant or our facility.
Inspection At Our Facility
We offer a complete inspection service at our USDA approved facility. 
What makes us unique is that our facility has the ability to inspect frozen product directly in our cold storage facility. 
Provisions can be made to host customer liaison personnel as required during the inspection period.
Inspection Service Terms:
•Flat fee determined on a per application basis
•X-R-I provides:
   -Product Storage- Frozen, Refrigerated, and Dry
   -All Inspection Labor
   -All Inspection Procedures, per USDA FSIS
Please contact us with any questions or assistance regarding your inspections needs.
Inspection At Your Facility
For rented x-ray equipment, X-R-I will train customer personnel in the operation of the system, and will establish the operating parameters to provide an optimized image.
X-Ray Rental System Terms:
•Weekly rental fees
•Installation and removal by X-R-I technician on a time and material basis
•A film badge service to monitor radiation exposure is highly recommended. Contact X-R-I for further information.
•Equipment shipping costs on customer account-when applicable

X-Ray Imaging Specifications
•Low level x-ray radiation
•Small focal spot for increased resolution
•Intensified image for increased image contrast
•High resolution units available

Cabinet Specifications
•Lead lined steel cabinet
•Variable speed, reversible conveyor
•All access ports safety interlocked
•Cabinet size: 72”W x 63 ½”D x 60”H
•Weight: approximately 5,000 pounds
System Installation Requirements
•220 VAC, single phase 20 amp power
•5 gallons distilled water
•A table for system controls in a reduced light area
Regulatory Requirements
•Meets or exceeds-
    -21 CFR 179.21 for food product radiation exposure
    -21 CFR 1020.40 for cabinet x-ray systems

IntraSpect Radiation Safety
X-ray system design and construction in full conformance with applicable state and federal safety regulations, with maximum attention to the complete safety of plant personnel.
X-R-I Technical Assistance
•State regulation and requirements
•USDA regulations and requirements
•Technical personnel to remain on site if requested
•All State fee’s and notifications handled by X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services
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