Food Inspection Process

Food Inspection
X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services, Rental and Inspection Service may be the ideal way to reclaim a major portion of contaminated food lots.  With the latest x-ray equipment, it is possible to locate high density foreign materials such as glass, metal, bone, or stone in the finished package.  Conveyor transport permits even large lots to be inspected with reasonable speed.
X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services offers comprehensive solutions for sorting of quarantined food products using high resolution conveyorized x-ray systems. Equipment is available for short-term rental in your facility or you can send your product to our USDA monitored facility located in Holland, MI.  The choice of using an X-R-I rental unit at your plant or contracting for inspection services at the X-R-I facilites is dependent on the nature of the contamination problem, quantity of product and type of equipment required.

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Technical Data

Contaminant detectability is dependent on package size and product density.  X-R-I uses various magnification and contrasting techniques to optimize the image for detection of the smallest contaminant possible.  Throughput rate determined by product, size, and evaluation results.

Quality Inspection results from the quality components employed in X-R-I inspection systems.  Operators routinely locate contaminates as small as .8mm (USDA standard) for detection of ferrous metal in most food products.  Your specific inquiry will receive a prompt estimate of system sensitivity for your product's potential contaminate.                        
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