About Us

X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services started in the mid 1980's as a division of  X-Ray Industries who has been in the NDT business for over 70 years.  We combine our years of industry expertise with cost-effective solutions to help our customers reclaim their product.  Our USDA FSIS certified inspection facility with ability to inspect directly in cold storage can meet all your frozen and non-frozen food product inspections requirements.
Our Commitment to You
At X-Ray Industries Food Inspection Services, we recognize that your success is directly linked to your productís quality and safety.
Our success is based on a set of core values:
  • To act with honesty and integrity
  • To treat people with respect, dignity and fairness
  • To maintain our focus on service
  • To remain committed to excellence in all that we do
  • To encourage individual and team initiative
  • To accept responsibility
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