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Conveyorized Digital X-Ray for Food Inspection

X-Ray Industries, x-ray rental and inspection service may be the ideal way to reclaim a major portion of contaminated food lots.  Our large USDA approved/monitored cold storage facility accepts all food products including frozen foods that require inspection.
X-Ray Food Inspection Services offers comprehensive solutions for sorting of quarantined food products using high resolution conveyorized x-ray systems. Equipment is available for short-term rental in your facility or you can send your product to our facility.  Our equipment can find metal contaminants as small as 0.8 mm and non-metallic contaminants as well. Simply send us a sample to determine exactly what you can expect for your specific inquiry.

Quality Statement

Our mission is to reduce the potential danger to human life
by assuring safety of your products using x-ray radiographic technologies.
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   All inspection procedures per USDA FSIS

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